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golden international school

About golden international school

It's all hidden, embedded in a child. Whether a bud will transform into a rose or a sunflower, need not be told or contra led by anyone. The bud is going to bloom, naturally. A child has it all within, he or she will become a musician or a painter, another Einstein or Aryabhatta needs no one to tell. At the Golden International, the very belief in uniqueness of every child makes education a natural process. The focus here is on developing an individual vision for every child considering the inert potential, and then creating experiences for the child that will help achieve the envisioned objective without burdening the child with the task of earning knowledge. The challenge is to create that nature of learning environment where children grasp as much as they can from the outside world and yet not lose their originality. Towards this end the school has applied a modest approach. Though a lot has been done to ensure that a child gets everything here that goes into creating the right learning environment, the focus is completely on the central philosophy of nurturing the child in the most natural way.

The Infrastructure and list of facilities are mere means to facilitate the natural process of imparting education. Like a sports field is not only used to teach Football,or play cricket but also to explain some conceptual mathematics of speed, distance and time.The classes are spacious and ventilated,but this is just one part; what's more important is that classroom teaching is done through art, music and poetry;which really helps children in learning their lessons,naturally.

General Information
  • Category : Pre-PrimaryPrimaryMiddleSecondaryHr. Sec.
    Student Mix : Co-Ed schools
  • Teacher Student Ratio :
    Admission Period : November-June
  • Tution Fee : NA

School Facilities
  • Smart Classes : Yes
    Canteen : -
    Infirmary : Yes
    Library : Yes
    Daily Meal : Yes
    Auditorium : Yes
    Recreation Centre : -
    Audi Visual Room : -
    Sports Complex : Yes
    Swimming Pool : -
    Hostel : -
    Transportation : Yes
  • Chemistry Lab : Yes
    Physics Lab : Yes
    Biology Lab : Yes
    Computer Lab : Yes
    Language Lab : Yes
    Technical Lab : Yes
    Maths Lab : Yes
    Junior Science Lab : -
    Biotechnology Lab : -
Co-curricular Activities
Outdoor Activities :
  • Cricket : Yes
    Badminton : Yes
    Volley Ball : Yes
    Basket Ball : Yes
    Football : Yes
    Kabaddi : Yes
    Lawn Tennis : -
    Athletics : Yes
    Swimming : -
    Shooting : -
    Hockey : Yes
    Kho Kho : Yes
    Skating : Yes
    Horse Riding : -
    Hand Ball : Yes
Indoor Activities :
  • Carrom : Yes
    Chess : Yes
    Squash : -
    Table Tennis : Yes
    Yoga : Yes
    Gymnastics : Yes
    Music Classes : Yes
    Martial Arts : -
    Art & Craft : Yes
    Boxing : -
    Billiards : -
    Dance Classes : Yes
    Personality Development : -

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