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choithram school north campus

choithram school north campus

About choithram school north campus

Having born in the year 2003 ours is a progressing institution where in we train the young minds through the play way and project method. The excellent trained staff follows the Montessori Method to train the tiny tots. We have said bye-bye to formal exams up to class V but still assure that our students would turn out successful in their board exams as well as the other public exams. Many new as well as old minds have joined in to bring out the Choithramian culture out of a wide variety of students. Here we are moving with a greater pace & trying our best to provide a healthy & open atmosphere to the students.

MISSION OF THE SCHOOL: The Mission of this school is to prepare children to become self reliant, productive individuals with clarity, precision and independence and also to empower all the students with the qualities of punctuality, humbleness, problem solving, modern technology, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and co-operative environment. We aim to prepare them to be successful, emotional, sensitive and above all satisfied, happy and well-equipped to face the highly competitive and challenging future global challenges.

OUR MOTTO Let learning be a free, exciting and joyful discovery of /for the child. Our school believes learning should be a natural and enjoyable experience and not to be made stressful and boring as is generally done in the classrooms. At Choithram School, we believe in reducing the tedium and monotony of the routine classroom pressures, so that the essential learning remains an exciting & happy experience. The school is convinced that the undue pressure of frequent tests or loads of homework can be modified to a more healthy and happy scheme of the CCE so that the child learns to think on his own and learning becomes a daily activity of choice and fun. In our school, we do not have the system of dictating but we rather let the child spontaneity unfold to enable the discovering of his or her innate capabilities .W e not only let the child think and express his own views freely but also teach him or her to respect the opinions and feelings of the others and to gain from the different points of view. This is a school where each child may have a dream and he or she learns to put the best effort to realize it. A sense of determination and the strength of will power is encouraged. Moreover, the joy of participation in many activities of the school is virtually enhanced by emphasizing "events" and not "competition". Thus each could have ample opportunity to express himself on the stage and to gain the confidence of performing without the sense of failure. The culture of the school is known to be eco-friendly and creating awareness to preserve the environment is our goal. We impress upon the respect towards nature care for the earth and understanding the importance of preserving the natural resources as water and air. The school does not neglect to introduce the child to community and social living through projects which encourage team work; activities to help the community are planned from time to time and a general sensitivity towards the others is fostered. Additionally, the child is encouraged to develop a strong character and moral wisdom to make him/ her a wholesome individual to face the world with courage.

General Information
  • Category : Pre-PrimaryPrimaryMiddleSecondaryHr. Sec.
    Student Mix : Co-Ed schools
  • Teacher Student Ratio : 1:30
    Admission Period : November-December
  • Tution Fee : NA

School Facilities
  • Smart Classes : Yes
    Canteen : -
    Infirmary : Yes
    Library : Yes
    Daily Meal : Yes
    Auditorium : -
    Recreation Centre : -
    Audi Visual Room : Yes
    Sports Complex : Yes
    Swimming Pool : -
    Hostel : -
    Transportation : Yes
  • Chemistry Lab : Yes
    Physics Lab : Yes
    Biology Lab : Yes
    Computer Lab : Yes
    Language Lab : Yes
    Technical Lab : Yes
    Maths Lab : -
    Junior Science Lab : -
    Biotechnology Lab : -
Co-curricular Activities
Outdoor Activities :
  • Cricket : Yes
    Badminton : -
    Volley Ball : Yes
    Basket Ball : -
    Football : -
    Kabaddi : -
    Lawn Tennis : -
    Athletics : -
    Swimming : -
    Shooting : -
    Hockey : -
    Kho Kho : Yes
    Skating : -
    Horse Riding : -
    Hand Ball : -
Indoor Activities :
  • Carrom : -
    Chess : Yes
    Squash : -
    Table Tennis : -
    Yoga : -
    Gymnastics : -
    Music Classes : Yes
    Martial Arts : -
    Art & Craft : Yes
    Boxing : -
    Billiards : -
    Dance Classes : Yes
    Personality Development : -

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