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Educational Podcasts for Preschool Kids

There are a lot of kids who really like Radiolab. Kids are read stories that don’t have images and they can observe it, quickly,” said Grow. “So kids can absolutely consume audio-only information and take pleasure in it. It involves their creativity in the way that enjoying a television program most likely doesn’t.”

Most of our material is curated from NPR stories that are created for a mature audience. The information and the words don't always fit a younger audience below 5th class – so we’ve collected a list of educational podcasts for kids if you have a young child who you want to educate listening!

Storynory: Storynory is a series of audio stories for kids. Select from fairy stories, classic stories, educational stories, and genuine ones from the Storynory team. Most stories are around 15 minutes, so they’re excellent for bedtime stories.

Story Pirates: They consider original stories from kids and convert them into sketch comedy musicals. Their tasks are to enjoy the thoughts of kids and encourage them to feel comfortable. While the shows are live throughout the country, you can listen to every efficiency on their podcast.

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified: An adventure collection for the whole family members introduced to you by WHYY. Eleanor is a radio media reporter proceeding after the big story, and she values excellent journalism, looking for the truth, and sparking conversation. Suitable for all age groups, but suggested for kids 8-12 years.

But Why: Created by VPR, this podcast is designed by kids! Kids consult questions and the podcast will discover the answers. Questions variety from “how is chocolate made?” to “do bumblebees have hearts?”, so there is something to interest every person!

Ear Snacks: Presenting kids, they’ve interviewed 60 kids, 35 professionals, and even 2 tigers to create a podcast that is “fun and smart food for thought” for their younger and curious visitors. Suggested for kids 2-7 years older.


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