How to choose a primary school ?

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Choosing the right primary school for your child is a pathway to the future academic success. Most of the parents start worrying about primary schools as they don’t posses enough knowledge about primary schools. So Dear parents, Instead of getting worried, you should find information about primary schools. You can find useful information about your local school by getting a prospectus from the school or you may visit the website of that specific school or you can also find some useful information on On the other hand, either you may talk to parents who already have children at the school or you can directly visit the school campus,  where you can get the opportunity to see inside your child’s school. You may directly ask the questions to the authorized person . The things which you should ask or observe while visiting the schools are-

  • What are the facilities available like  playgrounds, library, language learning classes, music and dance programs, Art and Craft classes, sport facilities, smart classes , e-learning facilities  and  Audio Visual Aid. whether the school offers  any additional childcare facilities.

  • What are the lunch or Breakfast  options school have in their menu for children who have specific dietary needs ? check whether meals are prepared on site or not.
  • Whether they offer any childhood programs for the better development of  your child ?
  • How does the culture of the school match your family’s values and the child’s interest – for example, Languages, cultural activitiesuniform policy, emphasis on academic achievement, compulsory weekend sport and so on?
  • What are the Rules and regulations, school policies on areas like homework, behavioural activities, child protection, attendance, truancy and bullying.
  • What are the methods used for teaching and learning?
  • How and when you will be informed about your child’s progress?
  • What if your child has special  needs i.e in case of Dyslexia , physical disabilities , autism spectrum disorder or other need when the school day starts and finishes ?
  • You can ask about the daily routine like class timings, what happens at playtimes and lunchtimes?
  • How you and your child feel about the school when you look around ?
  • What is the location or distance of school from your house and availability of public transport options around the school as you don’t want your child to be exhausted in travelling ? You need to consider which option suits your family best – walking, cycling, or public transport .
  • You can ask questions about physical infrastructure like size of school campus, no. of class rooms, medical rooms or infirmary, washrooms whether they have any dinning space ?
  • One very important aspect which you must always ask is the strength of students in a class or Teacher-student ratio ?  For example, a teacher-student ratio of 1:15 indicates that there are 15 students for every one teacher. Teacher student ratio should not be more than 1:30 for primary schools as per Right to education act (RTI).
  • How they help your child to cope up with the first day Phobia ?
  • What are the school’s previous academic results or performances ?
  • List of necessary things you need to buy before your child starts school, like school uniform and stationary items for games and art activities.