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What is career counselling?

Do you wake up early, full of excitement for your studies or job? Most of us do not. Most of the students find their studies boring and unwanted. Most of the people find their job boring and frustrating. This happens when you do not pursue a field which you have passion/interest for.

Some students choose a stream which is not suitable for them as per their interest and ability. How can we expect them to perform well? Once you select a subject or a career path you force yourself to continue with that, and finally, it leads to disappointment and frustration. Because when we choose a career we do not consider every parameter related to it. We choose it because others are choosing it, due to family pressures or because we don’t spend enough time exploring all aspects of the field.

At this phase of your life, when you do not know what is best for your career or you are stuck in a path and getting frustrated, career counselling is the key to unburden all your problems and make you start moving freely.


What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a process that focuses on helping you understand yourself and working trends so that you can take an informed decision about career and education. Career counselling manages a diverse range of problems such as dilemma of choosing stream and career, non-agreement between parents and children, low concentration levels, etc.

Career counselling in India has become more popular in recent times. Parents and students have become more concerned regarding their future and career development. But there are few people who avoid taking career counselling because they do not understand the importance of it during the early phases of their professional journey.


What are the benefits of career counselling?

There are a lot of advantages career counselling gives you. Expert career counsellors are the fundamental element of the career counselling process. They try to understand your strengths and weaknesses by assessing your aptitude, personality and interests. Their ultimate goal is to help you select the career that fits you best.

They also help you gain confidence by providing you with knowledge about how to approach and how to proceed with a particular career at each step. They then build a step-by-step plan of how to proceed through your professional journey, focusing on your undergraduate and postgraduate degree, your course, college, skill-development, etc.

Career opportunities are increasing day-by day which makes it all the more difficult for students to make a choice. When they have hundreds of choices picking up the most valuable one is difficult. An expert career counsellor increases their knowledge base. By helping them understand what each career entails, the skills required to excel, and how the career path for each is going to be like. With a broad knowledge base, career counselling provides you with clarity for the future. You will get to know future opportunities associated with a particular career.

One can also benefit from online career counselling in a same way as other career counselling options. Online career counselling utilises technology (video call, chats, email, etc.) to make the experience of counselling personalised, and as close to face-to-face career counselling as possible.

Career counselling is beneficial for everyone and can be utilised at any stage of one’s career where help is needed. It is helpful for school students, college students and working professionals.

However, career counselling works best when given an early start. So, the perfect time for students to consult an expert career counsellor is when they are in school. This time is crucial when they decide a stream and choose an initial career path. Career development is a never ending process, and so is career counselling.

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