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Most Popular NCERT Study Material for Students

Breaking your head over that puzzling math question? Spend a significant portion of your time trying to find an answer to a math sum? A recent ASER(Annual Status of Education Report) for the year 2018, revealed that almost 60% of the Class VIII students found even basic math challenging to do. These students, if they don’t get a strong foundation of basic mathematics, will find Class 10 math even more difficult for sure. If you’re unable to find a solution yourself, it’s time to get outside help. Going beyond the previous year question papers and textbooks, there is another original study material that is widely used by students. Are you wondering what it is? Yes, indeed I am talking about ncert solutions.


  • Widely accepted and recommended all over India
  • Syllabus focus more on science and math
  • Gives a reasonable basis for entrance exams and CBSE board exams
  • NCERT Books are based on CBSE curriculum
  • More in-depth information about complex subjects in a transparent manner 

How good is the NCERT math solutions for students?

The education field is another area, which has seen a lot of technological advancement and competition. To be at the top of your class often or even to do well in class, it takes a lot of practice and determination. What most good math solutions provide is a basic summary of all the topics and subtopics as chapters. Hence, there are a lot of concepts of mathematics on which you can learn more about with ncert solutions. Try practising these solutions often so that you can make good use of it. The answers are very detailed and very easy to understand. It also helps to attract a student’s interest in the subject. Would you like more fun ways to learn math? Check below for more such fun video lessons on maths,please do subscribe to BYJU’s.


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