Amazing Pink Lake !

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Since childhood, we have been recognizing water with blue colour in maps, oceans and lakes. But can we think of pink colour for water, if not, then start thinking as we are going to tell you about a lake having pink water.

Pink Hillier Lake, Australia Source -
Pink Hillier Lake, Australia
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Yes, we are talking about Lake Hillier which is located on Middle Island, off the coast of Western Australia. The most notable feature of the lake is its vibrant pink colour which is permanent in all seasons. From above, the lake appears a solid bubble gum pink, but from the shoreline it appears more of a clear pink hue. The shoreline is also covered in salt crust deposits.

It is about 600 metres in length and about 250 metres in width. The lake is surrounded by a rim of sand and a dense woodland of paperbark and eucalyptus trees with a narrow strip of sand dunes covered by vegetation separating its northern edge from the northern coast of Middle Island.

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The only living organisms in Lake Hillier are microorganisms including Dunaliella salina, which causes the salt content in the lake to create a red dye which helps produce the colour, as well as red halophilic bacteria present in the salt crusts.

Lake Hillier was first visited by the Matthew Flinders’ expedition on 15 January 1802

Despite the unusual colour and high salt content as compare to Dead Sea, the lake has no adverse effects upon humans and is safe to swim in.