About us

Edulogie.com is an informational site which provides a comprehensive list of all schools. At Edulogie.com, a user can also find many interesting articles to read which helps in enhancing background knowledge of children and other users.

As name suggests, Edulogie is a combination of two words “Edu” and “Logie”, where Edu stands for education and Logie (a French word analogous to logy in English) stands for the study of science like astrology, geology, radiology etc.  So finally “Edu” and “Logie” together forms “Edulogie” which stands for the study of education.

At Edulogie.com, all the given data regarding schools can easily be filtered according to the need of parents/users who are seeking admission in schools, with the filter panel given on the left side upper corner on home page. Search can be done on several bases like location, fee, affiliation, student mix, and facilities given by schools. So eventually this site provides its user a  complete platform where he/she can conduct a brief research, or study the profiles of schools in their respective city with ease to get a desired school for your child. After having done a thorough study about a school, users can rate the school as per their likings.

Besides, Edulogie.com also gives the variety of reading options such as Parents, Fact checkers & Great personalities in which both parents and students can find plenty of interesting & useful articles to read which enhances the knowledge of an individual.

As we all know the significance of child education and it has always been a primary focus for every single parent, keeping this in mind some efforts have been made by Edulogie.com to assist parents in their quest of best schools around. Though Parents and teachers guide thier children to their whole life, but sometimes parents may need to be guided when it comes to select an adequate school for their children. The Edulogie.com brings you the clear scenario of available schools and their facilities around you in this challenging and competitive environment.

How to Operate & search schools

Here are few instructions to operate this site with ease to take the maximum advantage out of it, if you are a new user to this site. We have divided the search panel, where we perform searching of  schools on the upper left side at home page, in to five different parts. lets see each one by one,

Popup window

Screenshot_2016-05-04-18-08-08A Popup window regarding the city name will be displayed as soon as you enter the site, you have to write your city name and click apply. This is one time process to get your exact location so that next time when you enter the site, it will start displaying the schools of your city or the selected city.

Capture1Search school

This option is available on the upper left side of the screen at home page. Here as you can see that the very first option is “Search school” where you can directly write the name of school or any word belonging to the school name, if you already know the school name, but remember that city name or state name must be chosen before where you want to conduct a search ( A window regarding the city name will be displayed as soon as you enter the site, you have just write you city name and click apply).


As soon as you write the name of school for example – Adani Vidya Mandir and lets say the selected city is Ahmedabad, now press enter or just click on the search button, the complete information of the schools will be displayed on your screen. Now to see the complete profile of this particular school click on its name. Also note that you didn’t have to select the state name or  pin-code to start your search which make it a lot easier to the user while searching.

But in case if you don’t know the name of school, in this condition you have to select the city name and press enter or just click on the search button, the complete  list of schools will be displayed on you screen. You can also use the pin-code to make your search area specific.


This option helps to make your search more precise as you can select school as per your need. If you are looking for a pre-school or a play school then you can skip all the schools which do not have pre-school or play school classes, by selecting pre-school option (*Some schools have pre-school classes in different campus or some school starts from primary classes). Similarly, this is applicable for primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary school.

Capture4Student mix

It is an another option which provides your search more accuracy while searching school for a specific gender like boys and girls. Since sometimes parents look for only girls schools or boys schools as per their preferences. Thus you can select a gender to make your search short and quick rather looking for all schools.


It is an another filter to help you find out the schools with hostel facilities in your desired city or area. Very few schools are there which give hostel facility but with this option you can easily find the schools having hostel. In the end of this search panel, you can see the reset button by which you can remove all the previous selection of filters and can start a fresh search again.

Add to Compare

CaptureThis is a very exciting feature we have added in this site to assist you while selecting a school. This “Add to compare” option, available beneath every school as shown in the example of MM International school, gives you the facility to compare the maximum of three schools at a time on your screen. With the help of this option you can make a very refined search among the last three selected schools for your child.

Star Rating

Users can also give the star ratings to each and every school as per their likings. Star rating is given for each school under its name where you can simply click to rate it. Similarly in each article you have the star rating option to express your likings.

Add School 

This option gives you the facility to add your own school on this site among the other schools. As soon as you click on the “Add School” option, a form will be displayed. You have to fill the form and click on the submit in the end to get your school published within two to three days. You may have a call from  Edulogie Team to verify the information submitted by you before publishing it.

Edulogie.com wishes you all the best for your school search. If you have any suggestions, queries, or any complains, please contact us at info@edulogie.com

Edulogie.com thanks you to visit us, keep visiting it.